About Us

Our Mission

The Primary Mission of the Kappa Delta Rho Foundation is to financially support the educational, leadership, and character development programs undertaken by the National Fraternity of Kappa Delta Rho.

- To accomplish this mission, the Foundation uses money generated by the Annual Fund Campaign each year to make grants to the National Fraternity.
- These grants help pay for the educational, leadership, and character development programming undertaken by the National Fraternity.
- Foundation grants comprise nearly 15% of the National Fraternity's operating budget.


Foundation supported programs impact the lives of more than 1600 undergraduate students each year. Foundation grants support programs such as:

- Williams Leadership Academy (for chapter Consuls)
- Leadership and Educational Manuals/Publications/Materials for The Legion 
          (a multi-year program aimed at educating all brothers in a chapter 
           throughout their time on campus)
- Quill & Scroll (KDR’s periodic magazine which is its primary communications piece)
- Recruitment Education materials & programming
- Undergraduate Intern Program
- Advisor Training Program (for chapter advisors on the campus)
- Educational Leadership Consultant Program 

Support for the Annual Fund Campaign by the members and friends of Kappa Delta Rho make these grants possible. Support for the Annual Fund has a direct impact on each individual chapter as well as individual undergraduate members.

Our History

The Kappa Delta Rho Foundation traces its history back to a trust agreement dated November 12, 1960. This early document established a trust which was the predecessor of the Foundation that exists today.

The trust established in 1960 promoted charitable, educational, scientific, and literary purposes with the National Fraternity, its chapters, and its members. To encourage academic achievement, the early trust awarded a National Scholarship Trophy to the chapter with the highest grade-point average. Other awards were made to individuals and the most improved chapters.

The Privacy Act and the fraternity climate in the 1970's, however, caused the early trust to cease operations. In 1980, the board of directors for the National Fraternity recognized that and important part of the future of the Fraternity depended on the success of its charitable and educational programs. Efforts were begun to form a foundation.

After four years of work, 1984 saw the formation of the Kappa Delta Rho Foundation. The Foundation is a Pennsylvania Corporation. It is registered with the State of Pennsylvania as a charitable organization and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a charitable Foundation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The visionary work of several alumni made the creation of the Foundation possible. Of particular note, a generous leadership gift by brother Alvah Borah, Eta '32 provided the seed money for the new Foundation.

Once created, the trustees of the Foundation began to work with the Fraternity staff and volunteers to develop a program and structure for the future. They developed an Annual Fund as well as an endowment and scholarship program.